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My name is Toni Arnal Roig. I was born in Barcelona in 1965.
In love with horses from a young age, I began to enter the world of horse riding by working as a groom at different equestrian centers and there I noticed the treatment these magnificent animals received. Used as unscrupulous merchandise, physically and mentally exploited to the point of exhaustion and forced to obey;  almost always using painful tools, force and submission.
This led me to look for different non-aggressive and more suitable methods to be able to understand their way of understanding things.
I read books and participated in training courses in different Natural Dressage methods, but it wasn't until 2002 that I was lucky enough to meet INDIAN DRESSAGE and its creators, Oscar Scarpati and his son Cristobal. They welcomed me into their home like one more of the family and in a few days I understood why Indian dressage  it is more than just a method of taming horses and it changed my life.
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"We live as we tame and we tame as we live"

O. Scarpati

I got to know horses and each one of them brought out the best and the worst in me, they were my life teachers; and the first thing I learned is that before trying to tame a horse I had to tame myself. That if I wanted to intervene in someone's life it had to be to give my best. As horses do, once they see they can trust you, they place their lives and their best virtues in your hands.
That's why I made the decision to dedicate my life to trying to help horses live better among us, educating them in such a way that they never have any coexistence problems, thus preventing them from being mistreated, abandoned or sold for meat.
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To be able to do that I started by taming the horses that other tamers didn't want to do or  had said they couldn't be tamed. Or with horses from people who explained that, despite being tamed, the blacksmith was not able to put horseshoes on them or that the vet could not vaccinate them.
This made me specialize in problem horses and, little by little, I gained the trust of breeders, horse protectors   and professional riders who brought their horses to me for taming, or to solve some behavior problems that they had

"After fifteen years dealing with hundreds of horses of different breeds and ages, with or without problems, I have come to the conclusion that 99% of the problems attributed to horses are due to a lack of knowledge and/or understanding of the people who treat them; that there is no horse that cannot be tamed, that all you need is time, unconditional love and fair treatment for them to show you their soul full of goodness."

In 2012 I had the honor that the Scarpati family offered me the possibility to open the first Indian Dressage school in Europe. Since then and until now I combine my work as a horse trainer with that of the director of the Escola de Doma Indía Scarpati Barcelona.
With the desire to share a philosophy for taming horses that changed my life and, like me, many other people who practice it and above all, most importantly, so that together we can improve the lives of our brothers and teachers, ELS HORSES
To complement my training in 2018, I obtained the qualification of Equestrian Guide in the natural environment to be able to offer horse routes with the philosophy of Indian Dressage.
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