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horse dressage

Colt dressage

Horse dressage is the main activity and the one that is most important to us. We tame horses with the philosophy of Indian Dressage: guaranteeing a horse that is safe with himself and with people; enhancing their qualities and their level of understanding; educating him to live with people and preparing him for any dressage specialization.
For us, each horse is special, unique and needs a certain amount of learning time.
For this reason, in a first visit we evaluate the horse and agree a budget according to its possibilities and needs  from the owner. 

Recovery of horses

We also diagnose and treat horses that, due to various circumstances, have changed their behavior by becoming aggressive, unpredictable or with conduct that is not appropriate. 
To be able to help them in addition to our accumulated experience, we count on the collaboration of a team of veterinary specialists, podiatrists, craniosacral specialists and nutritionists, who help us to give a much more accurate diagnosis.    
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