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  6th Days of Improvisation Contact and India Dressage at Casanova de Sora.

You don't need to know dance or horses, you just have to be anxious to discover a new language between horses and us. 

An experience you won't forget.
Directed by Ramon Roig as contact dance teacher and Toni Arnal  with the philosophy and methodology of Indian Dressage.

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Experiential meeting between
the Doma India and

Dance with a horse or let your gaze guide our movement. Accompany us, learn from one another... This encounter puts the human being in front of a mirror with four legs.

Nuestros miedos nuestros deseos, our way of managing time, is placed in relief before nature from the gaze of a horse.

From mutual respect, we will find the simplest and clearest way to express our intentions and to establish a fluid communication link with the animal.

We will use the wisdom of Doma India to know and understand the customs of horses and the concepts of Contact-Improvisation dance to reconnect with our own and sincere language.

We will share the concepts we use in the CI and in India dressage: being present, listening, balance, inertia, weight... to learn to dialogue without words.

Let's stop and wait for things to happen.

The experience of having been able to help both horses and people to master their fears makes us think that we can go further still. Getting to really relate to each other, to establish healthy and stable bonds, even witnessing our own successes and making this is a way to create and discover.

In this edition we intend to continue the work started, where starting from self-knowledge and the bond that unites us with the animal, we put on the exploration table the desire to understand and accompany us.

This experience can serve, fill and taste both dance lovers and horse lovers, since it will allow us to know each other better and control our mind and body better. This will undoubtedly improve communication with others and your environment

If you have a strong bond with horses, if you are interested in dance as a form of expression, do not hesitate to come. We are waiting for you.

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