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The route to the hermitage of st. Silvestre is focused on an intermediate level of riding. We will leave the center and go through the slope of Puig d'Esquers until we reach st. Silvestre where we will find the recreation area where we will stop for a while and you can enjoy the architecture of the hermitage. From there we will return on the main track towards the center passing through a series of typical places of the Costa Brava with the sea in the background.



  Weekend route  through the Albera Natural Park

The route through the Par Natural de l'Albera is a circular route that will take us from Club hípic El Camp, to Garriguella, Peralada, Vilajuïga, La Velleta and back to the equestrian center.  


 Saturday 09.30am: Departure from the equestrian center in the direction of the hermitage of Sant Silvestre through the Serralada de l'Albera. After visiting the hermitage we will head towards the town of Garriguella, where we can leave the horses and have lunch at the Restaurant  "Ráco de l'albera".

There we can enjoy a good meal while the horses rest and, like us, recover their strength for 4:00 p.m. Mount again and leave for the Vell Empordà campsite where we will spend the night. Once at the campsite we will settle in one of its cozy bungalows and cool off in its swimming pool. But before dinner, at 7:00 p.m. they are waiting for us at the cellars of the Cooperativa de Garriguella for a visit and tasting of wines with the Alt Empordà designation of origin.

After the visit we will return to the campsite for dinner and rest until the next day.

Sunday 08.30h. Breakfast at the campsite bar.

At 09.30h. Approx. We will leave Garriguella in the direction of Peralada and the Natural Park of the aigua molls de l'Empordà. We will pass through the beautiful town of Vilajuïga and at around 1.30pm we will arrive in Balleta where we will stop for lunch. Or we will go to La Ballata restaurant where we can enjoy a delicious menu of homemade dishes.

At 4:00 p.m. we will leave back to the equestrian center  where we will arrive at about 7 p.m. And where we will end the route.

Route to the Hermitage of St. Silvestre (4 hrs.)

Nature and gastronomy route  (8 hrs.)

This route is focused on spending a day among nature and horses. We will leave the center in the morning and head to the mountains of Puig d'Esquers where we will observe the typical vegetation of the area and enjoy the fantastic sea views. Then, we will head  through an area of eucalyptus that will take us to the Hermitage of st. Silvestre de Valleta where we have a recreation area. There we will leave the horses and while they rest, we will enjoy a splendid seasonal lunch.

We will return while crossing the small town of  Sant Silvestre and we will retrace the whole range of the coast until  to horse riding

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